What We Do

fdale 1We do the work. Laugh your desk chair off. Yeah, we do the work of building(designing) your website. Of course, when you come to us and say, “I need you to build a website for me”, we can’t just snap our fingers and have it happen.

And that brings us to step one. Will it be what we call static, where it’s basically just an information site with few, if any, updates. Will it be a current website where things change frequently, like events, prices, weather, locations, people, etc.?

This is probably a good place to interject that while we do the work of designing and building the website, we do not do the research to find the information for it. We do expect you to supply information in digital format that we can edit for the pages. As we go along, we’ll show you samples of the site for your approval and/or suggestions.

The steps:
Consult – Determine what you want to accomplish with the website.
Plow the field – select a design.
Plant the seed – create the pages.
Fertilize – Make it attractive.
Weed – edit, check for errors.
Harvest – publish the site, with your approval, of course.